Welcome to the Nonprofit Snapshot blog!

I founded The Nonprofit Snapshot with the intention of providing a high-quality, quickly deliverable organizational assessment to nonprofit organizations. It serves as a perfect forerunner to any strategic planning session, board meeting, or in-depth consulting engagement. The Nonprofit Snapshot helps nonprofit organizations examine their overall management practices, and establish their own priorities for growth, sustainability, and risk-management.  

I am very happy to announce that the first round of testing of the Nonprofit Snapshot App is at hand.  We are looking for a handful of consultants across the country to help us test the tool and make improvements for general release.  

The Nonprofit SnapCast seeks guests. We're always looking for philanthropic and nonprofit professionals to share their wisdom. This time, we're keenly looking for people (maybe HR pros?) who can talk with me about:

  • Nonprofit organizational culture.
  • How funding pressure shapes competition within the organization.
  • Listening & Transparency among nonprofit staff.
  • How to keep staff cooperative, #conflictmanagement skills, etc.

If you or someone you know would care to participate, please drop me a line via the Nonprofit SnapCast Contact Us page. Thank you!

#nonprofits #organizationalculture #humanresources #nonprofitmanagement

Crowdfunding Update: Nonprofit SnapCast

Nonprofit Snapshot has been doing a little fund-raising towards the purchase of new hardware and software to facilitate ongoing production of the Nonprofit SnapCast podcast. I am matching every dollar raised with two of my own towards the overall goal. And the goal is close at hand.  Thanks to the generosity we have received via PayPal, we are less than $500 away from success. ...

How are you doing? Wherever you are, I hope you and yours are successfully navigating the storms that continue to unfold around us. Please drop me a line and let’s check in with each other. In the meantime, I’ve got a few tips & thoughts to share on maintaining and building community during pandemic:

Stay in touch with all your stakeholders.

(But be super quick about it.) Keep your entire “family” in the fold. (In addition to your donors, keep up communications with your clients, staff, volunteers, and community stakeholders.) ...

Remember that time when you turned on your car and the sound was just… wrong? And the lights on your dashboard may have briefly yelled at you, but you just couldn’t tell if the problem was your alternator or the battery, or maybe a fuel-delivery issue… We’ve all made the “What noise is my car making?” query at least once. Sometimes you can make a best guess at the problem, but more often than not, you’re going to need a mechanic to both make a diagnosis and to properly fix the car. In the nonprofit world...

This is Part 4 of our "Your Website Might Only Need A Facelift" series.  Last week, we talked about Social Media Buttons and User Friendliness.  This week, we'll talk about ADA Compliance and Updated Technology & Security:

ADA Compliance

The Americans With Disabilities Act Guidelines help orgs create sites that are accessible to the deaf, blind and visually impaired. An ADA compliant website is designed in such a way to facilitate easy navigation by users who use screen readers, text-to-voice or other assistive technologies...