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Assessment tools and support to a national audience of consultants who work with nonprofit entities.

Affordable and Accessible

It takes passion to fuel nonprofit causes, and the Nonprofit Snapshot can help you more efficiently funnel passion into management excellence. If you’re a nonprofit leader or you have a favorite nonprofit, you will find the Nonprofit Snapshot is the perfect tool for gauging the overall health and efficiency of any nonprofit organization. Donors and volunteers will also appreciate the Nonprofit Snapshot’s concise summary.

Nonprofits occasionally need a variety of help to stay healthy and effective. Consultants can be expensive and require a significant time from nonprofit staff. Most nonprofits have neither time nor money to spend on any kind of consulting. The Nonprofit Snapshot strives to make an innovative approach to consulting “affordable and accessible” to the nonprofit world. Thus, the Nonprofit Snapshot aims to provide a quickly and inexpensively delivered assessment of an organization’s overall health.

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What The Nonprofit Snapshot Does

The Nonprofit Snapshot provides a quick and comprehensive view of your organization’s health, at a slam-dunk price for any nonprofit. A quick series of questions leads to a report card that delineates Ten Critical Areas of Nonprofit Health:

Financial Oversight
Organizational Planning
Volunteer Involvement
Legal & Ethical Responsibility
Staff Leadership
Board Recruiting

This report highlights what the nonprofit does well and indicates which organizational practices may need improvement. The Nonprofit Snapshot process is designed to be quick and efficient so you can spend more of your time focusing on other important things.

The Nonprofit Snapshot is based on current research on nonprofit operations and current legal requirements for 501(c)(3) entities. Contact Us to schedule your Snapshot.

Who Will Benefit From The Nonprofit Snapshot?

The Nonprofit Snapshot will be useful for any category of 501(c)(3) nonprofit across the sector. It will be especially useful for organizations that are about to begin a strategic planning process, may soon conduct a board retreat, or may simply desire some external validation on current practices and the organization’s state of affairs.

The Nonprofit Snapshot demonstrates value to donors, showing a nonprofit’s continual effort to adopt and maintain good management practices.

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What The Nonprofit Snapshot Does Not Do

The Nonprofit Snapshot provides a succinct education on healthy organizational practices. As such, it will identify organizational issues which bear more examination, but it does not attempt to fix those issues. Neither is it a detailed program evaluation. The Nonprofit Snapshot will highlight areas on which the nonprofit may choose to focus more specific attention as it moves forward in its life cycle. Organizations may choose to “dig deeper” into these identified issues with the help of the consultants listed in The Consultant’s Corner.

Brand new nonprofits will probably not benefit from the Nonprofit Snapshot. The Nonprofit Snapshot makes the assumption that the nonprofit organization has grown past Startup Phase, and has at least one paid staff person.

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