Welcome to the Nonprofit Snapshot blog!

At the start of pandemic, the metaphor I used was that it felt like we were all caught in the turbulence of a serious storm. It's such an odd thing to think that the ongoing turbulence might ever feel "normal" again. Even as we may get used to the strangeness, It's clear many of us are still struggling, both on a personal level and perhaps an organizational level. There remains too much uncertainty, too much turbulence remaining in the unknown. The confusion sometimes seems overwhelming, and may even feel hopeless.

But it’s not hopeless... 

These storms will eventually pass, but right now, strong tests of leadership are at hand. Some ships will navigate the turbulence and continue to sail. Others will unfortunately founder. We know that strong leaders are those who can proactively evaluate the current situation and make plans and contingencies for getting their nonprofits through the storm. Good leaders deliver strong messages and clear communications. They motivate their peers, inviting the best of minds to collaborate, brainstorm, and innovate. Effective leaders know when to ask for help.

This is why Nonprofit Snapshot is stepping up to help nonprofits navigate the ongoing turbulence. I have put together a list of services Nonprofit Snapshot will provide (in conjunction with a growing stable of experts) at reduced costs to help nonprofits navigate through the confusion and uncertainty. That menu of services is located hereWe will tailor these offerings to the needs of any nonprofit that could use some help. In some cases we’re cutting regular project rates by more than half. The intent is to help nonprofits to be proactive, to assess and plan, to motivate all personnel, and to keep all-hands-on-deck so we can make it through this thing, together. We will stand with our client nonprofits throughout the remainder of this storm.

Currently we're offering a variety of services from website-facelifts, to emergency-communications, to full-on "get to the other side of pandemic" strategic planning. We're even doing board and executive-committee coaching. This list of service offerings will continue to expand as Nonprofit Snapshot partners with others who can collaboratively help nonprofits. For instance, I’m working on a partnership with Allen Farm Studios to help orgs sharpen their web-delivered communications efforts during this time. Unstoppable Start is putting together a package to help nonprofits with their social media agenda. There are other alliances in the works. Please do keep checking back.

The situation is not hopeless. Your mission remains relevant. Let’s get through the storm together.