Welcome to the Nonprofit Snapshot blog!
Seeking Alpha Testers

I founded The Nonprofit Snapshot with the intention of providing a high-quality, quickly deliverable organizational assessment to nonprofit organizations. It serves as a perfect forerunner to any strategic planning session, board meeting, or in-depth consulting engagement. The Nonprofit Snapshot helps nonprofit organizations examine their overall management practices, and establish their own priorities for growth, sustainability, and risk-management.  

I am very happy to announce that the first round of testing of the Nonprofit Snapshot App is at hand.  We are looking for a handful of consultants across the country to help us test the tool and make improvements for general release.  

What This Means for Nonprofits

Prior to this project, conducting the Nonprofit Snapshot micro-assessment required driving it from a spreadsheet on a laptop. Now consultants in every region across the United States can quickly and easily bring this knowledge-base to all the nonprofits they serve. 

What This Means for Nonprofit Consultants

Turning the Nonprofit Snapshot into an app means anyone with a web-enabled tablet will be able to quickly deliver a Nonprofit Snapshot to their nonprofit clients. This micro-assessment will help the consultant “take the temperature” of their orgs, and can pave the way to more efficient consulting engagements. It will make the consultant’s workload easier, and may shorten the discovery phase for their projects. Additionally, the Nonprofit Snapshot report card may help organize the nonprofit’s priorities, and the resulting work-plan.

Is Beta Testing For You?

The first round of testing will commence in September.  You will be given a quick briefing on how to use the tool, and then I will ask you for two things:

  1. Please complete and deliver a Nonprofit Snapshot assessment to one nonprofit entity of your choice. 
  2. Please provide feedback and thorough constructive suggestions towards helping us ready the tool for broad deployment. (This will be facilitated through an online form, or via email.)

To Become A Tester:

Use this form to let me know of your interest in becoming a tester.  I will be in touch with you before the end of August to facilitate acceptance and registration.  

Thank you for time.  Please keep your ears peeled to the Nonprofit SnapCast podcast for more information on this development and the testing initiative.