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It’s time for a pop quiz! Yes, this is a pop quiz for our organization’s board members. You can download a PDF of this pop quiz here.

This quiz will gauge an individual board member’s engagement to the organization.  Of course, this isn’t scientific.  But it may serve as a good tool to spark the conversation about what drives the nonprofit, how to deepen the connection between the board member and what really drives the org, and perhaps to invigorate the passion you want board members to have for your cause. 

Quickly answer these yes/no questions:

Can you:

Y / N    Quote the organization’s mission?
Y / N    List all the org’s programs?
Y / N    Describe the org’s primary revenue streams and sources of funding?
Y / N    Describe how the org is doing compared to similar orgs in the region?
Y / N    Verify that the org is running within its budget?

Do you:

Y / N    Attend 100% of the scheduled board meetings and committee meetings?
Y / N    Annually make a significant philanthropic gift to the org?
Y / N    Annually review the org’s form 990 before it is filed?
Y / N    Know who would run the organization if the ED and the Board President suddenly quit?
Y / N    Actively encourage your personal & professional networks to join you in supporting the org?

Have you:

Y / N    Had a solid conversation with the ED or the Board President in the last twelve months?
Y / N    Reviewed your org’s bylaws in the last twelve months?

You can download a PDF of this pop quiz here.

This pop quiz touched on some of the basic building blocks for nonprofit success. If you said NO more than you said YES, let’s look at the ways you can deepen your connection to your organization. Let The Nonprofit Snapshot help you and your fellow board members increase your impact both for the organization and the people it serves. And don’t forget that being a director carries important legal and ethical responsibilities, too.

Contact The Nonprofit Snapshot.  We’ll help your entire board become organizational superstars.